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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legit? Does HitBliss have a direct relationship with Pandora?

Yes, HitBliss is most definitely legit. HitBliss works directly with Pandora to process your subscription order.

Is there a limit to how many times I can renew my Pandora subscription via HitBliss earned-payment?

No. Each month, you can get a new Pandora One subscription through HitBliss.

Can I use my HitBliss earned-cash to pay for other things, or is it just for Pandora?

Currently, you can buy thousands of hit TV shows and movie rentals in addition to Pandora One subscriptions. We are continually expanding the HitBliss Store offering. Check in with us regularly for updates on new products available for HitBliss earned-payment.

Isn't Pandora free, why should I buy a subscription?

Pandora's free service interrupts your listening with advertising, limits your ability to skip songs, and has lower audio quality, among other limitations.

What is Pandora One or Pandora "premium"?

Pandora One or Pandora "premium" (as some people call it) is the name for the paid version of Pandora. Compared to the free version, Pandora One offers several benefits including:

I've never heard of Pandora before...what is it?

Pandora is an internet radio service which plays songs based on the artists you select as well as the feedback (i.e. thumbs-up or thumbs-down) you provide. Pandora's music library currently offers over 900,000 songs across a wide variety of artists and genres. The music service can be used on many devices including: computers, phones, and tablets as well as select Blu-ray players, desktop radios, smart TVs, and home theater systems. Pandora has also recently been integrated into cars from several major manufacturers including BMW, Toyota, Scion, and others.

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