Terms of Use, Privacy, and FAQ


With HitBliss Earn you can opt in to receive more valuable and relevant marketing messages by choosing a personalization option. This ultimately allows you to build your balance faster, as brands will generally pay more for the time and attention of people who consume more relevant messages and are interested in their products or services.

HitBliss Earn protects your privacy in a fundamentally different way, using a unique concept called the Private Profile.

  1. Personalization is 100% opt-in. With HitBliss, no targeting takes place until you explicitly turn it on in the HitBliss Earn personalization settings.
  2. None of your Private Profile information (such as your browsing history and search history) is ever shown to marketers or stored on our servers.
  3. Your personal information - including online behaviors - is only ever kept on your device where you can see and control them.

The HitBliss Earn Advantage

Most online services store their users' behaviors in one or more of their servers. This information is accessible by that service, and often also by their marketing partners.

HitBliss Earn, on the other hand, uses a technique that does not require any of the online behaviors or other information in your Private Profile to be sent to third parties, including marketers. When you opt-in for personalized messages, HitBliss Earn builds an encrypted Private Profile that resides solely on your device. HitBliss Earn then periodically downloads messages onto your device, where your Private Profile determines whether or not an incoming message matches your interests.

Since the matching of marketing messages is done completely within the installed HitBliss Earn app on your device, you can receive successfully matched messages without your online behaviors ever being seen by a third party or leaving your device and control.

Depending on what personalization settings you opted-in to, your Private Profile is continually updated via your browsing history, your IP, and/or entered demographic information. At any time, you can view what's stored in your Private Profile by going to the Personalize screen in HitBliss Earn. You can disable any previously opted-in criteria at any time. You can even search for and delete individual entries in the Private Profile and instruct the HitBliss Earn app to stop updating your Private Profile through the Stop Profile Builder in the HitBliss Earn menu.

The HitBliss Earn personalization engine, together with the Private Profile, was designed from the ground-up to empower you with control over your private information, while ensuring that you are presented with relevant and valuable messages.

Your Private Profile Rights

  1. Your Private Profile is your property and therefore solely under your control.
  2. Your Private Profile will evolve as you interact with your device but you can look at it or make changes to it whenever you wish.
  3. You control what types of information your Private Profile can contain.
  4. No part of your Private Profile is ever disclosed to any other entity than us and only then on a temporary basis for the purpose of selecting messages that you might choose to consume within HitBliss Earn.
  5. Your Private Profile will never be disclosed to us without your explicit knowledge and without your consent, which you may revoke at any time.
  6. Your Private Profile is only accessible to you from device(s) that are yours and you control.
  7. Entities that wish to offer you marketing messages are not able to see your Private Profile. Only HitBliss Earn, with your consent, is able to consult your Private Profile to determine whether you are someone to whom the marketing entity will want to deliver marketing messages. Their verified identity is always known to you.
  8. HitBliss Earn will never provide any third parties with any information about you specifically. The only information we will provide will be overall numerical statistics that will reflect, for a particular message, things like the size of the audience and the way the audience behaved during message consumption.