Dan Vs.

Dan Vs. Season 1

NR (2011)
Dan thinks the whole world is against him. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't -- not even his laid-back friend Chris is totally sure. Maybe Dan's just imagining it all. But, like Chris, you can't help going along for the ride when Dan dreams up his wild plots to get even with whoever or whatever he thinks is out to get him.
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Curtis Armstrong, Dave Foley, Paget Brewster
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1.  The Wolf-Man (22 min)

Aired: 01/01/2011
After the Wolf-Man attacks his car, Dan enlists non-believer Chris in his quest for vengeance.
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2.  New Mexico (22 min)

Aired: 01/01/2011
Dan and Chris set out to take down New Mexico after it damages Dan’s car.
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3.  The Ninja (22 min)

Aired: 01/15/2011
When a ninja steals Dan’s cookies, Elise proves to be an unlikely ally in Dan’s revenge scheme.
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4.  The Dentist (22 min)

Aired: 01/08/2011
Dan is sure his Dentist is up to nefarious doings and decides to do something about it.
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5.  The Animal Shelter (22 min)

Aired: 01/22/2011
When a shelter full of barking dogs keeps Dan awake at night, he has no choice but to bring the establishment to its knees.
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6.  Canada (22 min)

Aired: 01/29/2011
After a perceived slight by the nation, Dan enlists Chris on a quest for vengeance.
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7.  Traffic (22 min)

Aired: 02/26/2011
Dan is at his wits’ end with all the traffic in the city and he goes to extremes to free up the road.
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8.  Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre (22 min)

Aired: 03/05/2011
Insulted by hack actors and bad food at the local dinner theater, Dan dons a disguise in an effort to infiltrate his nemesis from within.
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9.  Baseball (22 min)

Aired: 03/12/2011
After a broadcast of the local baseball game pre-empts Dan’s favorite TV show and a crowd of unruly baseball fans break his car’s side mirror in a violent scuffle for a home run ball, Dan sets out to destroy America’s favorite pastime!
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10.  The Salvation Armed Forces (22 min)

Aired: 03/19/2011
Dan accidentally donates his car to the Salvation Armed Forces and initiates a charity war to get it back.
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11.  The Beach (22 min)

Aired: 03/26/2011
Beset upon by careless beach bums, Dan decides destroying the beach is the only way to rid himself of them.
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12.  George Washington (22 min)

Aired: 04/02/2011
Convinced that the Father of Our Country has attacked him from beyond the grave, Dan heads to Mount Vernon to wreak vengeance.
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13.  Technology (22 min)

Aired: 04/09/2011
When his brand new computer dies and is rendered defunct, Dan heads to Silicon Valley to plot his revenge against the head of the leading computer company.
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14.  The Barber (22 min)

Aired: 04/16/2011
A bad haircut forces Dan to cancel a date, and he sets out to make his barber pay.
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15.  Art (22 min)

Aired: 04/30/2011
When a local artist uses Dan’s car as a canvas for his most recent masterpiece, Dan plots to expose him as a fraud.
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16.  Elise's Parents (22 min)

Aired: 05/14/2011
Dan fabricates a story about Elise’s parents having mafia ties in an effort to have them arrested and free up Chris to spend more time with him.
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17.  The Fancy Restaurant (22 min)

Aired: 05/21/2011
An upscale eatery forces Dan’s favorite sandwich shop to close, so Dan organizes a kitchen revolt to take down the fancy restaurant from within.
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18.  Dan (22 min)

Aired: 05/28/2011
An imposter assumes Dan’s identity, and Dan is forced to invent a new one for himself to seek his revenge.
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19.  The Family Camping Trip (22 min)

Aired: 06/04/2011
When Chris can’t join him for a movie marathon due to a family camping trip, Dan sets off to the woods for revenge.
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20.  Burgerphile (22 min)

Aired: 06/11/2011
Dan chains himself to the door at his favorite burger joint in protest of poor customer service.
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21.  The Magician (22 min)

Aired: 06/18/2011
When Elise’s watch is taken in the midst of a magic show, Dan attempts to expose a local magician as a fraud and a thief.
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22.  The Lemonade Stand Gang (22 min)

Aired: 06/25/2011
Dan and Chris set out to stop a group of underage hooligans who have begun extorting money from local citizens through a neighborhood lemonade stand.

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