Dan Vs.

Dan Vs. Season 2

NR (2011)
Dan thinks the whole world is against him. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't -- not even his laid-back friend Chris is totally sure. Maybe Dan's just imagining it all. But, like Chris, you can't help going along for the ride when Dan dreams up his wild plots to get even with whoever or whatever he thinks is out to get him.
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Curtis Armstrong, Dave Foley, Paget Brewster
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1.  The Family Thanksgiving (22 min)

Aired: 11/19/2011
Dan is invited to join Chris and Elise as they spend Thanksgiving with Elise's parents. Soon, he discovers that all is not as it seems.
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2.  The Mall Santa (22 min)

Aired: 12/17/2011
Dan and Chris get jobs at the Mall's Christmas display. Before long, Dan runs afoul of the Mall Santa. Who will triumph?
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3.  The Neighbors (22 min)

Aired: 01/28/2012
Dan is convinced that his neighbors are up to no good and tries to drive them out of the building.
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4.  Dancing (22 min)

Aired: 02/04/2012
Dan wants to destroy a dance contest in Pasadena that Chris and Elise are entering. Chaos results.
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5.  The Bank (22 min)

Aired: 02/11/2012
Dan is aggrieved that the ATM fee at his bank has gone up. He recruits Chris to help him take down the bank.
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6.  The Monster Under the Bed (22 min)

Aired: 02/18/2012
Dan is convinced there's a monster under his bed. But how do you fight a monster?
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7.  Golf (22 min)

Aired: 02/25/2012
When Chris shirks his daily responsibilities to play golf with his boss, Dan and Elise find themselves reluctant accomplices in an elaborate revenge plot against the sport in an effort to release Chris from its clutches.
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8.  The Gym (22 min)

Aired: 03/03/2012
Fed up with Chris and Elise’s overemphasis on fitness and the trainers who play up its importance, Dan wages war on his local gym only to uncover a shocking secret conspiracy.
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9.  The Wedding (22 min)

Aired: 03/24/2012
Upset that his crush is getting married, Dan makes his way into the wedding party and attempts to ruin the wedding from within!
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10.  The Catburglar (21 min)

Aired: 03/31/2012
Seduced by a intriguing but secretive beauty and enraged when his cat goes missing, Dan finds himself entangled in a web of secrets and lies in what might end up being the biggest mystery of his life.
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11.  The Dinosaur (22 min)

Aired: 04/07/2012
After getting his car destroyed (yet again), this time by a real, living dinosaur created in a secret government experiment, Dan enlists Chris and a television reptile expert to help him have his revenge.
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12.  Stupidity (22 min)

Aired: 04/14/2012
Fed up with the dumbing down of America, Dan heads to the Governor’s office to seek revenge on the decision-makers behind the nation’s seemingly ever sinking collective I.Q.
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13.  The Telemarketer (22 min)

Aired: 05/19/2012
Harassed day and night by an unyielding telemarketer, Dan sets out to get even, only to find himself the target of a previous nemesis' plan for retribution.
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14.  Reality TV (22 min)

Aired: 05/26/2012
Humiliated on television by a slimy Hollywood reality TV producer, Dan attempts to ruin the popular genre for good and still make off with the coveted grand prize - a trip to Adult Astronaut Sleepaway Camp!
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15.  Parents (22 min)

Aired: 06/02/2012
Annoyed by rampant examples of bad parenting everywhere he looks, Dan sets out to adopt his own child to prove he would be the best parent ever!
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16.  Gigundo-Mart (21 min)

Aired: 06/09/2012
When a new megamart moves into his neighborhood, fueling a consumer buying frenzy, threatening to close down some of his favorite local haunts, and sending Chris into a dangerous downward spiral of spending, Dan is determined to destroy the grocery goliath.
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17.  Chris (22 min)

Aired: 06/16/2012
A petty fight over ownership rights of a mutually beloved piece of film memorabilia turns into a fight to the death when Dan and Chris go head-to-head in a battle that might just spell the end of their friendship forever.
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18.  Wild West Town (22 min)

Aired: 06/23/2012
It's high noon for Dan when a chintzy dude ranch refuses his request for a refund and he sets out on a treasure hunt in the desert, pursued by nefarious gunslingers.

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