Dan Vs.

Dan Vs. Season 3

NR (2012)
Dan thinks the whole world is against him. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't -- not even his laid-back friend Chris is totally sure. Maybe Dan's just imagining it all. But, like Chris, you can't help going along for the ride when Dan dreams up his wild plots to get even with whoever or whatever he thinks is out to get him.
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Curtis Armstrong, Dave Foley, Paget Brewster
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1.  Anger Management (22 min)

Aired: 11/17/2012
Dan is forced to take a course in Anger Management to control his destructive instincts, and finds a kindred spirit in the mild-mannered (but horribly unstable) class instructor.
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2.  The Mummy (22 min)

Aired: 11/24/2012
When the object of Dan’s revenge turns out to be a laid back, undead Egyptian king who won’t leave him alone, Dan has to resort to some ancient means of pest control.
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3.  The Boss (22 min)

Aired: 12/01/2012
Dan is forced to get a job to pay his rent, and soon realizes that his new employer is a demon bent on making Dan her personal minion!
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4.  The Mechanic (22 min)

Aired: 12/08/2012
When Dan learns that his mechanic has been using parts of Dan’s car to build a giant robot for an underground fight club, he gets in on the action – for revenge!
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5.  The High School Reunion (22 min)

Aired: 12/15/2012
Furious at not being invited to his high school reunion, Dan plans a school yard prank the alumni are not soon to forget!
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6.  The Common Cold (22 min)

Aired: 01/19/2013
After becoming sick for the very first time in his life, Dan heads to the Department of Controlling Diseases for help in ridding the world from the Common Cold!
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7.  The DMV (21 min)

Aired: 01/26/2013
When his behavior at the DMV for a routine traffic issue categorizes Dan as a “difficult case” – he is sent to an underground labyrinth where he must use all his wits to renew his license and escape with his life!
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8.  The Ski Trip (22 min)

Aired: 02/02/2013
A sudden snow storm during a ski weekend with Chris and Elise puts Dan’s revenge plans on hold, and forces him to make nice with Elise, as the two of them are soon faced with saving Chris from a family of overly nice vacationers who may not be quite what they seem.
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9.  Jury Duty (22 min)

Aired: 02/09/2013
Stuck serving on a jury as part of his civic duty, Dan finds himself relating to the defendant and sets out to manipulate the system to find him innocent.
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10.  Vegetables (22 min)

Aired: 02/16/2013
When Burgerphile removes French fries from their menu in favor of vegetables, Dan sees red and sets out to rid the city of the healthy green menace!
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11.  The Superhero (22 min)

Aired: 02/23/2013
After the superhero Terrifi-Guy callously wrecks Dan’s car, Dan decides to have his revenge first by becoming a superior hero, then by taking the crime fighter down through diabolical acts of super-villainy.
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12.  The Family Cruise (22 min)

Aired: 03/02/2013
Stuck on a cruise ship with Chris, Elise, and her parents, Dan makes life at sea miserable until an attempt to redirect the ship to land sends the Ocean Liner headed straight for dangerous waters!
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13.  Summer Camp (22 min)

Aired: 03/09/2013
Dan and Chris recount their first adventure together, meeting in summer camp and joining forces to take on a bullying camp counselor bent on making their young lives miserable.

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