Married to Jonas

Married to Jonas Season 1

NR (2012)
In this all-new E! series, Kevin Jonas, member of the multi-chart topping group the Jonas Brothers, and his wife Danielle invite cameras into their private world, as they balance marriage, worldwide fame and their contrastingly different families. Kevin met Danielle, a sweet, down-to-earth girl from New Jersey, while on a family vacation in the Bahamas. After tying the knot in 2009, the young couple is finally ready to settle down and establish a happy suburban life, despite the colliding points of view between Dani's outspoken Italian family and the Hollywood life of the Jonas clan, including Kevin's brothers Joe and Nick. But with the Jonas Brothers heading back to the studio to record new music, finding the right mix of normal and superstardom isn't going to be easy.
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1.  Dinner With the In-Laws (20 min)

Aired: 08/19/2012
In the premiere episode, Kevin volunteers a nervous Dani to cook dinner for Nick, Joe and the rest of the Jonas family.
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2.  Prom Night With the In-Laws (21 min)

Aired: 08/26/2012
Dani's baby sister Katie gears up for her high school prom, which brings up a lot of feelings for Kevin who missed his own.
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3.  Texas With the In-Laws (21 min)

Aired: 09/02/2012
Kevin confronts his mom when him and Dani visit the Jonas family compound in Texas.
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4.  In-Law-tervention (21 min)

Aired: 09/09/2012
Kevin, Dani and her family confront Bucky about his poor eating habits.
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5.  Emergency-In-Law (21 min)

Aired: 09/16/2012
After shooting the cover for a glamorous luxury magazine, Kevin gets a shocking phone call from Dani.
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6.  In-Laws and In-Studio (21 min)

Aired: 09/30/2012
Dani plans a graduation party for her sister, while Kevin focuses on his music.
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7.  In-Laws and Outdoors (21 min)

Aired: 10/07/2012
Kevin and Dani make a big announcement after taking Dani's family camping.
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8.  Italy With the In-Laws, Pt. 1 (21 min)

Aired: 10/14/2012
A surprising secret and unexpected phone call threatens to ruin the family's vacation in Italy.
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9.  Italy With the In-Laws, Pt. 2 (21 min)

Aired: 10/21/2012
Kevin becomes conflicted when a job opportunity threatens to tear him away from his vacation in Italy.
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10.  When In-Laws Collide (21 min)

Aired: 10/28/2012
Kevin and Dani's families come together before the Jonas Brothers' big concert at Radio City Music Hall.

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