Spartacus Gods of the Arena

Spartacus Gods of the Arena Season 1

NR (2011)
The House of Batiatus is on the rise, basking in the glow of its infamous champion Gannicus, whose skill with a sword is matched only by his thirst for wine and women. These are the times a young Batiatus has been waiting for. Poised to overthrow his father and take control, he’ll freely betray anyone to ensure his gladiators are in the highest demand.
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John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Peter Mensah, Dustin Clare, Jaime Murray, Marisa Ramirez
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1.  Past Transgressions (51 min)

Aired: 01/21/2011
A younger Batiatus finds himself newly in control of his father’s gladiator school. He uses his most skilled fighter to win favor with a cunning nobleman behind the building of the new arena.
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2.  Missio (55 min)

Aired: 01/28/2011
Batiatus conjures up a devious plan and enlists Lucretia, Gaia and a clutch of gladiator recruits to see it through. Oenomaus longs to reclaim the top gladiator rank, but new challenges cross his path.
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3.  Paterfamilias (55 min)

Aired: 02/04/2011
Just as his fortunes are on the rise, his future clear before him, Batiatus is stunned by the return of his father which puts his attempts to gain rank by exploiting those above his class at risk.
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4.  Beneath the Mask (52 min)

Aired: 02/11/2011
The House of Batiatus is caught in the power struggle between the younger and elder Batiatus. Lucretia reluctantly agrees to her husband’s risky plan. Gannicus finds himself on unstable ground.
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5.  Reckoning (56 min)

Aired: 02/18/2011
Batiatus’ father announces a tournament to determine the worth of the men that make up his stable of gladiators. Crixus, dedicated to proving himself, is drawn into the power play within the house.
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6.  The Bitter End (64 min)

Aired: 02/25/2011
Batiatus seeks vengeance for all that has befallen him and recruits his gladiators and Solonius to the cause. The opening of the new arena arrives, promising a spectacle of combat and blood.

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