The White Queen

The White Queen Season 1

NR (2013)
THE WHITE QUEEN is a riveting tale of three different, yet equally relentless women who will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne.
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Rebecca Ferguson, James Frain, Amanda Hale, Max Irons, Faye Marsay, Janet McTeer
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1.  In Love With the King (58 min)

Aired: 08/10/2013
In 1463, the lust between a Lancastrian commoner and Yorkist King turns into a secret wedding and a new Queen of England. But two women not so smitten with the arrangement vow to take her down.
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2.  The Price of Power (58 min)

Aired: 08/17/2013
Beautiful Elizabeth goes from the glory of being crowned Queen, to the ugly reality of life on the throne when Warwick seeks revenge against her for seducing King Edward.
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3.  The Storm (61 min)

Aired: 08/24/2013
A grieving Queen Elizabeth conjures up the perfect storm to get King Edward home. But more danger awaits as her jealous detractors plot to end his reign.
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4.  The Bad Queen (58 min)

Aired: 09/07/2013
Old enemies make new alliances as Lord Warwick’s quest for power reaches desperate levels.
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5.  War at First Hand (57 min)

Aired: 09/14/2013
Warring women become even more bitter enemies when Queen Elizabeth, Anne Neville and Margaret Beaufort each experience the brutality of the battlefield up close.
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6.  Love and Death (58 min)

Aired: 09/21/2013
One marries for love, the other for political gain as Anne and Margaret tie the knot, while Queen Elizabeth experiences a double dose of heartbreak.
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7.  Poison and Malmsey (58 min)

Aired: 09/28/2013
Anne Neville takes center stage as paranoia starts to implode her family. Fear and a deadly concoction threaten to make them all start dropping like flies.
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8.  Long Live the King (59 min)

Aired: 10/05/2013
Dark days could be ahead for King Edward as all the key players look to connive and even kill their way into being named "His or Her Majesty."
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9.  The Princes in the Tower (57 min)

Aired: 10/12/2013
A dangerous chess match begins as Margaret and Queen Elizabeth plot to overpower the other and determine the fate of Prince Edward and Richard.
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10.  The Final Battle (63 min)

Aired: 10/19/2013
Reaching a climactic end to their respective journeys, Anne, Queen Elizabeth and Margaret give rise to a new generation looking to scheme, manipulate, and seduce their way onto the English throne.
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101.  Extended Trailer (1 min)

Aired: 08/10/2013
Three different, yet equally relentless women will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne
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102.  Series Overview (4 min)

Aired: 08/10/2013
A look behind the scenes of the Starz Original Mini--Series "The White Queen." Features interviews with the cast, author Philippa Gregory and more.

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